The latest innovation from Germany, Instant Wine.

The latest innovation from Germany, Instant Wine

Its simply just add water, yes really. Red wine in powdered form, so you are never far from a drink.

It’s aimed at the trekking market and with typical Teutonic efficiency they produce two versions, red wine for normal trips and mulled wine Arctic expeditions.

When mixed with water both versions have a strength of 8.2%, which is not unusual in Germany. I haven’t found a review yet and it seems only to be available in Germany so far.

This is how Trek’n Eat describe their product

“Mountaineering gourmets never have to miss a glass of red wine on the mountain top. Trekking Meals presents a new red wine in powder form. The beverage powder in convenient portion bag has such a light wine from the bottle, an alcohol content of 8.2%. For expeditions in the snow and cold also the matching mulled wine was developed in powder form. For that special moment in the night camp.”

I think we’ll stick with offering liquid wine in bottles for now, for both personalised wine for business and personalised wine gifts.

Harvest Reports

Bordeaux 2010 tipped to rival 2009

Bordeaux harvest is tipped for an exceptional vintage this year. The lack of rain has led to high concentration of colour and tannins in the key red grapes. This with the good levels of acidity should give a vintage at least as good as 2009

Great Burgundy wine possible despite difficult harvest

A low yielding and variable harvest in Burgundy this year is favouring reds from northern parts of the Côte d’Or.
Dry summer and harvest time storms have dramatically reduced yields in burgundy this year.

Lebanon hails stunning 2010 vintage

A freak heatwave this summer has left Lebanon’s winemakers great quality but low volumes. Many wineries reported harvest dates a month or more earlier than usual as temperatures soared. Overall production could be little more than half the usual volume.

Highland distillery has produced the worlds most expensive whisky £100,000 a bottle.

Yes indeed the newly launched Dalmore Trinitas 64 sells for£100,000 a bottle!!!!
As the name implies. only 3 bottles have been produced and 2 have already been sold to private collectors in the US and UK.

The third bottle will be sold at at The Whisky Show in London at the end of October, so start counting out the pennies..

Industry experts claim that if the bottle was sold by the glass in exclusive restaurants and clubs, it could fetch up to £20,000 for a typical 50ml dram.

He said: “The hand of time has been generous and rewarding with the malts I chose to use. They allowed me to create a taste sensation which will never be repeated again and will only ever be available to those that own these bottles. You cannot put a price on that.”

richard paterson and dalmore trinitasWhy so expensive?
The Dalmore Trinitas 64 contains some of the rarest and oldest single malt whiskies in the world and some of them have been maturing in the Dalmore distillery warehouses for over 140 years! The youngest whisky included is 64 years of age and was distilled in the mid 1940s, hence the reference to that age in the name. Richard Paterson, the world renowned Master Blender for Whyte & Mackay, has used his expertise to fuse together a range of these exclusive malts and produce the Trinitas. They have been placed in one boutique, hand crafted American white oak cask for the last two years to create a unique spirit which will never or can ever be replicated.
Richard describes the Trinitas as “the pinnacle of my career – it’s the best whisky that I have ever created“.
He added: “The hand of time has been generous and rewarding with the malts I chose to use. They allowed me to create a taste sensation which will never be repeated again and will only ever be available to those that own these bottles. You cannot put a price on that.”

Stunning packaging to hold this marvel.
The Dalmore Trinitas 64 is presented in bespoke hand crafted and hand blown crystal decanters and feature the distillery’s iconic stag’s head, an engraved neck foil and Richard Paterson’s signature, both of which were hand made in silver by award winning jewellers. Each bottle comes with a hand made English oak and ebony veneer casket and each one took over 100 man hours to manufacture. Features include a hidden drawer which holds the certificate of authenticity signed by Richard Paterson and a unique lock and key created by Brahma, London’s oldest locksmiths.

Tasting notes
As no-one has gotten to sample it yet, here are Richard Paterson’s own tasting notes.

The initial bouquet is highly complex. Powerful notes of sweet raisins, rich Colombian coffee, crushed walnuts and bitter orange casts its magical spell over you. Another glorious fusion of grapefruit, sandalwood, white musk and Indonesian patchouli completes this bouquet of exuberance. The spirit must be nurtured and cherished long in the mouth to tease out every hidden flavour. Sweet sultanas, figs, and a caramelised topping of Seville oranges, apples, mangos and dates roll over the tongue. This is quickly followed by a wave of lingering sensations of vino dulce muscatel, marzipan, treacle toffee, soft liquorice and roasted coffee. A soft caress of truffles, walnuts and muscovado sugar on your palate brings this unforgettable fanfare to a flawless finish“.

The  Dalmore 64 Trinitas                  Dalmore Trinitas

The ideal Christmas gift, if you are a billionaire, or scooped the £113million on the lottery.

Otherwise we can offer you a very nice personalised whisky and personalised malt whisky at a fraction of the price.

‘Bugs Bunny Gang’ Leaves French Wine Producers Hopping Mad

Grape munching bunnies

The worst plague of rabbits in recent memory blighted the Bordeaux grape  harvest this year.

Harvest began last week in the celebrated Medoc region of Bordeaux, and wine makers are reporting massive losses in their grape crops.

“More than 15 percent of our harvest has been swallowed up by the Bugs Bunny gang,” Bruno Von der Heyden of the 500 year old Chateau de Malleret estate wrote in a blog. A neighbour of Von der Heyden said she caught 500 of the long-eared munchers on her land alone.

And the bunnies have an extra sting in the cottontail – they are eating the best the vineyards have to offer.

“In some places, there’s nothing left because they started eating the vines in May. Elsewhere, they’ve been eating the grapes, and not any old grapes either. They get the mature ones,” said Merlot grape grower Martine Cazeneuve.

It seems conditions over the past year have been ideal for bunnies. A dry summer stopped the spread of a disease that usually thins the rabbit population while at the same time proving too hot for some of the plants the bunnies usually eat and forcing them to take to the grapes.

Local growers have called for culling measures to be taken, including bringing in marksmen or ferrets to dine on them.

Looks like a lot of rabbit on the menu for the next few months.

We offer a range of Bordeaux wines with personalised label, all from rabbit free vintages!

Personalised Bordeaux Claret
Personalised Bordeaux Blanc
Personalised Bordeaux Sauvignon
Personalised Château Bouteilley

Marketing exposed by Dilbert.

The dark arts of marketing put into perspective!

Dilbert: Marketing - they should've used personalised wine

Or you could promote your business with a fab label on a nice bottle of promotional wine or promotional champagne.

Aussie craft beers boomerang back into favour

Aussies have finally realised that the big brewers, Lion Nathan and Fosters with 85% of the market, aren’t given them a classy brew. There is more to beer than ice-cold yellow fizz.

There are now over 140 microbreweries putting out top notch beers, and some of it is finding is way here. From classic pale ales to larger for ageing

Read more at the drinks business

Beer for when  you don't fancy personalised wine Coopers Pale Ale

  über-exclusive Crown Ambassador Reserve Lager.

We don’t just drink personalised wines!

The Ultimate Promotional Gift?

There are lots of thing that available as promotional items, mugs, pens, stress balls, umbrellas. All of which can be branded up for you. but do they hit the spot? Are they remembered by the receiver? Are they appreciated? Are they ignored.? We all know some items go straight in the bin, particularly small memory usb sticks and mouse mats.

So what will be welcomed by the recipient? what will dispose d of with disdain?

Promotional wine and promotional champagne of course.

Everybody loves to receive a bottle, or even two! Your promotional label on the front of the bottle will be both remembered and appreciated.

For high perceived worth and ability to bring a smile to someone’s face, its unbeatable. The ultimate promotional gift.

International Grenache Day

Today is International Grenache Day, a day for celebrating a less well known grape.

Also known as Garnacha in Spain, Cannonau in Sardinia, this is a widely grown grape that hides in the background.

It is a key component in wines such as Châteauneuf-du-Pape and Rioja and thrives in hot, dry soils.

Apart from Spain and France, it is significant in Sardinia and Australia.

Why not try our award winning personalised châteauneuf-du-pape to celebrate?

Wikipedia list the following synonyms:
Abundante, Aleante, Aleantedi Rivalto, Aleante Poggiarelli, Alicant Blau, Alicante, Alicante Grenache, Aragones, Bois Jaune, Cannonaddu, Cannonadu Nieddu, Cannonau, Cannonau Selvaggio, Canonazo, Carignane Rosso, Elegante, Francese, Gamay del Trasimeno, Garnaccho Negro, Garnacha Comun, Garnacha Negra, Garnacha Roja, Garnacha Tinta, Garnatxa Negra, Garnatxa Pais, Gironet, Granaccia, Granaxa, Grenache Noir, Grenache Rouge, Kek Grenache, Lladoner, Mencida, Navaro, Navarra, Navarre de la Dordogne, Navarro, Negru Calvese, Ranconnat, Red Grenache, Redondal, Retagliadu Nieddu, Rivesaltes, Roussillon Tinto, Roussillon, Rouvaillard, Sans Pareil, Santa Maria de Alcantara, Tentillo, Tintella, Tintilla, Tinto Menudo, Tinto Navalcarnero, Tocai Rosso, Toledana and Uva di Spagna.

Synonyms for the hairy Grenache include Garnatca Peluda, Garnatxa Pelud, Lladoner Gris, Lladoner Pelud and Lledoner Pelut.

Grenache grapes from Santa Barbara California
By Josh McFadden
Source originally posted to Flickr as IMG_3353

Warhol-inspired label for Dom Perignon

Luxury Champagne Dom Pérignon will offer limited edition Warhol-inspired 2002 vintage champagne from the middle of October in top London stores Harrods, Harvey Nichols and Selfridges, at £120 a bottle.

Dom Pérignon wanted to use the Warhol-inspired packaging to “talk about Dom Pérignon alongside one of the most iconic figures within visual art.”

Labelled as A Tribute to Andy Warhol by Dom Pérignon, Emelie De Vitis, marketing manager for Dom Pérignon UK, commented: “Dom Pérignon’s iconic bottle has always lent itself to uber-cool innovative interpretation, having previously inspired the likes of Marc Newson and Karl Lagerfeld.

“The concept of this Warhol-influenced design offers a special opportunity for us to talk about Dom Pérignon alongside one of the most iconic figures within visual art, whilst creating something incredibly stylish, rare and aspirational – what Dom Pérignon is all about,” she added.


More importantly the 2002 has been getting rave reviews.

Jancis Robinson: Extraordinarily firm, confident, intense nose. Definitely the savoury side of Dom. Nothing remotely sweet or fat – though it’s as intense as a Montrachet. Wonderful quality of mousse – surely slightly less bubbly than it has been? More like a Montrachet with a bit of carbon dioxide laced into it than a typical champagne. Broad and long with a hint of orange peel. Great persistence. This already delivers but has such backbone and great acidity and light grip (only noticeable at the very end of the tasting experience) that it surely has a long life ahead of it. Really reaches every hidden cell of the palate. A very assured performance. LVMH at its very best?

Wine Advocate: The 2002 Dom Perignon is at first intensely floral, with perfumed jasmine that dominates the bouquet. With time in the glass the wine gains richness as the flavors turn decidedly riper and almost tropical. Ripe apricots, passion fruit and peaches emerge from this flashy, opulent Dom Perignon. The wine’s volume makes it approachable today, but readers in search of more complexity will want to cellar this for at least a few years to allow for some of the baby fat to drop off. Geoffroy describes the vintage as very ripe and adds that some of the Chardonnay showed the ill-effects of the hot growing season in it the somewhat burned, dehydrated fruit that came in that year.

Certainly better than tomato soup.
Of course our personalised champagne is very nice too….

Methuselahs of Cristal go on sale

Famous champagne producer Louis Roederer is releasing a limited number of methuselahs of 2002 vintage Cristal Champagne in Harrods, for £10,000 each!

A methuselah holds the equivalent of eight bottles, so not something for a quiet night in.

As a single bottle has a price tag of about £1100, you’d be paying a hefty premium for the stunning impact that you’d get.

Or jut impress people with some personalised champagne at a fraction of the price