The latest innovation from Germany, Instant Wine.

The latest innovation from Germany, Instant Wine

Its simply just add water, yes really. Red wine in powdered form, so you are never far from a drink.

It’s aimed at the trekking market and with typical Teutonic efficiency they produce two versions, red wine for normal trips and mulled wine Arctic expeditions.

When mixed with water both versions have a strength of 8.2%, which is not unusual in Germany. I haven’t found a review yet and it seems only to be available in Germany so far.

This is how Trek’n Eat describe their product

“Mountaineering gourmets never have to miss a glass of red wine on the mountain top. Trekking Meals presents a new red wine in powder form. The beverage powder in convenient portion bag has such a light wine from the bottle, an alcohol content of 8.2%. For expeditions in the snow and cold also the matching mulled wine was developed in powder form. For that special moment in the night camp.”

I think we’ll stick with offering liquid wine in bottles for now, for both personalised wine for business and personalised wine gifts.


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