Branded Wine

Branded wine is one of those terms that means different things in different markets.

In the wine world it means the big brands. Wines that are sold on the basis of a name/brand rather than the vineyard and grower. In a sense its the simpler end of the market because the supply is pretty much endless as its blended from many sources to achieve a standard result year after year after year.

Where as grower wines are limited in supply to just what that vineyard can produce in that one year. Next year could be quite different depending on weather and the skill of the wine-maker.

In the promotional industry branded wine has quite another meaning. It means putting your brand on the bottle not the wine companies.
You’ve all seen branded mugs, branded pens, and branded usb sticks, well branded wine is the same, only much tastier!

You can have your own branded wine with a minimum order of only 12 bottles (which is barely enough for your mates let alone clients and staff). Whether its your own smiling face on the label, or your logo or even a product picture, its a great way to promote your brand.

Visit the website to see examples of labels that Euromarque have produced and to see the great range of wines that you can brand.

        Branded Wine   


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