Weird bottle design – A two headed bottle!

A Romanian design company have come up with their own corporate wine gift. A two headed bottle!

Ampro Design  give this to all their new clients. This bottle has two necks and two integrated cups.

This how they describe it:

“The “Design Business Bottle” was made to capture the essence of our business in connection with the client’s business, and thats why we designed a bottle with 2 necks: one for us, and one for the client, after all don’t we all drink from this business?

And the story is like this: we thought: “Let’s make a gift for every contract we sign…let’s make a good wine bottle”, and we did: the bottle has 2 necks covered by 2 glasses: one written “Our Business” and the other: “Your Business” because, as a client, you put a little of your business in our business, and in the end you will enjoy the sweet wine inside.”

Silly gimmick, you can only open one end, and who wants to drink out of a vase?

For a  more sensible option look at our corporate wine gifts


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