WRAP’s wine bottle environmental scheme Glassrite saves 35,000 tonnes of carbon emissions

Wrap’s four-year Glassrite project for wine bottles has led to savings of almost 35,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide a year through a mix of packaging developments and bulk importing.

Launched in 2006, the Glassrite project’s aim was to examine potential environmental and commercial savings in the UK wine sector, and Wrap hopes to build on this, in both the UK and internationally, through increasing bulk importing of wine for bottling in the UK. Bulk importing stops the build up of surplus green glass in the UK market, which has few alternative applications.

Nicola Jenkin, Wrap’s drinks market key account manager, said: “We know that huge opportunities exist to use more lighter weight bottles and increase the use of recycled content in UK manufactured glass bottles.

“This is what will achieve a more resource efficient international wine supply chain.”

Jenkin highlighted the work done to produce a 300g screwcap bottle as well as the research to introduce light-weighting to the heavier sparkling wine bottles.

“Internationally, almost 175,000 tonnes of glass savings could be made through using lighter weight bottles that are still fit for purpose,” she said.


35,000 tonnes CO2 savings
27,048 tonne reduction in glass bottle weight
44,295 tonne increase in recycled glass usage due to bulk imports

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