Red Nose Day Wine Labels

Just had a good look at the Damien Hirst wine labels for Red Nose Day.  OK so I’m a bit behind.

Hirst is the well known enfant terrible of the British art world, famous for pickled shark and half a cow. He designed an exclusive label for two new wines to help raise money for Comic Relief.  It’s great that he’s letting his name be used to raise money for a good cause, there has been huge publicity because of it and sales certainly benefited.

The label design itself though is hardly inspirational, or even noteworthy. It is a red circle on an off-white background. If a wine label designer had put that forward, he’d have been laughed out the room. It would have been more interesting using one of this year’s red noses.

Hirsts red nose label

Hirst's red nose label

As a promotional label, it doesn’t grab you enough, there is no message, no impact, no memory hook. It certainly wouldn’t pass muster on one of our personalised wine labels!


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