Bin Laden wine label a real blast.

You gotta love the Aussie sense of humour. They have just put picture of moslem fundamentalist Osama Bin Laden on a wine label!

Obviously if we had tried it here, there would have been a pc outburst and someone would have been forced to give a public apology.

Anyway a Tasmanian winery, called Morilla, has come up with this publicity stunt, apparently inspired by political graffiti from the streets of Hobart!

The black and white image is of Bin Laden and a couple of cronies, next to a graffiti message reading “all you need is love”. A piece of satire that apparently gone over the head of some American commentators.

As a label its not pretty, and I can’t see urban and gritty being a great way to sell much wine. But I’m sure the PR will help shift a few cases. And if they export to the US, I’m sure people will buy it just to smash the bottles.

The full story is here if you want more info The Mercury

Here are the 2 images of the label that they show.

Osama hitting the bottle

Osama hitting the bottle

Aussie Bin Laden

Aussie Bin Laden


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