Screwcaps are worse for the environment says French wine closure

The biggest change in wine packaging in the last few years has been the widespread introduction of the screwcap (Stelvin) as a bottle closure in place of cork. Here at Euromarque Personalised Wines, we initially resisted because of the image of screwcaps as being down market. but have now used them for the last few years our easy drinking white wines. When we launched our new retail site, Personalised Wine Labels, we had all the same arguments again!

The only thing that never crosssed our minds was the impact on our corporate carbon footprint. Carbon footprint is the measure of the amount of CO2 – a greenhouse gas – released into the atmosphere through the combustion of fossil fuels and other sources.

It now appears that screwcaps for wine bottles produce the largest carbon footprint compared to synthetic closures and corks, according to research conducted for a major French closure company, Oeneo Bouchage.

According to tests conducted by Cairn Environment for Oeneo Bouchage, the production of screwcaps gives off over 10.6kg of CO2 per tonne compared with only 2.5kg of CO2 per tonne for corks.

Traditional cork

The composite DIAM closure fell between the two, with a carbon footprint of 4.3kg of CO2 per tonne.

These figures include the PVC capsule on the cork and the DIAM closure. They also take account of 30% recycled aluminium content in the screwcap.

All the closures are produced by Oeneo as part of their standard range.
Oeneo Bouchage said all the tests had been ratified by the French Environmental Agency.

By way of comparison, one recent environmental study found that an individual cheeseburger has a carbon footprint of 3.06kg of CO2, including transportation of the raw materials and carbon emitted during the cooking process.

So drink more wine (preferrably personalised) and eat fewer burgers

Personalised Wine Labels

Personalised wine and Personalised Champagne


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