Another tax rise

So it was Budget day this week. The Chancellor is short of money so decides to hit the innocent drinker.

After several years of steady increase, 4p a bottle for the last few years, this time it went up 14p. On sparkling wine and champagne the increase was 18p.

This hits the ordinary wine drinker the most, after all 14p on a Mouton Rothschild isn’t like to be noticed, but on a £4 Vin de Pays it is. Of course its not the wine drinkers that go on for town centre binge drinking. And wine is not the tipple of choice for underage drinkers. But their cider and alco-pops only go up 3p.

So come when you give your dad a bottle of wine with personalised fathers day label, or a personalised whisky you are likely to have chipped in a bit more to the national coffers.Fathers day personalised wine label

For our corporate personalised wine we will be reviewing our prices in April. For the retail personalised wine labels we will review in May. We filled the warehouse before the budget to avoid any early hits, but when we run low on existing wine stock the price must rise. Sorry


One response to “Another tax rise

  1. thanks for your comment.. and your business seems to be nice… i must try one bottle 🙂

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