Personalised Labels – what are they made from?

One of the key elements in personalised wine is the quality of the label material. You may think it’s just a piece of paper but unfortunately its more complicated than that.

Depending on the requirement we use a range of different label stock. Some include various substrates for special roles, such as extra adhesion or heavy duty.

Your ordinary 80gm office paper is not in the same league!

We have been looking to reduce our environmental footprint throughout the business. When it comes to label stock it’s a bit tricky.

Recycled paper has improved greatly in the last few years. It’s gone from being only suitable for newsprint and scrap paper to being good for most all office purposes. Unfortunately its not easy to make it into top quality art paper and labelling stock from recycled paper pulp, and we haven’t yet managed to find anything suitable.

The next best thing is to source from the most sustainable sources.

Our principle label stock is a premium heavyweight product.

We source The virgin pulp is well managed from Nordic forests. The pulp is elementary chlorine free. The mill itself has ISO 14001 certification and is EMAS registered, the EU’s Eco Management and Audit Scheme.

The paper carries the Nordic Environmental Label or the “Swan label” is a multinational environmental labelling scheme which also has close co-operation with the EU ECO-label system, being a “Competent body” in the Nordic countries (Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Iceland and Norway). The Nordic environmental label is a neutral, independent label which guarantees a certain environmental standard. Only products which satisfy strict environmental requirements on the basis of objective assessments are allowed to display this product label.


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