Funny time of year.

A little something I’ve noticed over the years is that in the second half of July we get requests for large quotes with short lead times.

It may be for claret, vin de pays or champagne, but every year we will get asked about the possibility for a large quantity to be delivered between now and early September. Which is great, I love to do quotes, if I don’t quote how can I win the work?


There is a fly in the ointment. The French. Its not that they are being difficult or unpredictable. Its just that France closes in August. Business stops and everyone disappears for a month. The wine industry takes a break because they know that in September the harvest will be hard work with long hours. Fair enough, its just that not everyone in the UK understands this. Customers decide they want something and are puzzled that the French aren’t around to sell it!

Naturally we keep sensible stocks of all our wines to cover normal levels of activity, but the unusual one off opportunities can be difficult. 6,000 bottles of a wine not in our standard range, Alsace pinot blanc, in 5 weeks, normally no problem. But really at this time of year that’s only 2 weeks so it becomes a rather worrying race against time.

If only I could predict what this year’s odd requests would be, but then we would miss out on all the thrills and excitement!

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